Haikyu!! To The Top: Episode 6 – “Enhancements”

The first half of the episode focuses on Hinata and Kageyama as they try to readjust to being back with their team after being gone at training camps. At one point, we see Kageyama trying to teach Hinata how to improve his jumps so he can go higher. Just as it seems that Hinata is about to get it, Daichi tells them they have to go home because it’s starting to snow.

But there’s definitely something that’s feeling a little off about Kageyama. Coach Ukai seems to pick up on this as well, but all he gets out of Kageyama is being asked what being a “goody two-shoes” means on the volleyball court (one of the other players at the All Japan Camp referred to Kageyama this way, and it seems to be eating him up inside as to what that means).

The second half of the episode starts the first part of a practice match between Karasuno and Date Tech. The animation was kind of amusing when a sequence was done to show the members of the various teams and share their stats. To me, at least, it kind of felt like a cut scene from a video game.

Kanji Koganegawa, who was at the first year camp with Tsukishima and Hinata, is excited to see them. Asahi, meanwhile, is still a little nervous and concerned about Date Tech’s blocking… but he does mention there’s something he wants to try.

When the practice match gets underway, both the Karasuno team and the audience pick up on the fact that Date Tech’s blocking has improved since the Spring Tournament Preliminaries. And as the first part of the practice match goes on, it seems Kageyama may not be quite as confident in his setting as he has been previously.

It was great to see the Karasuno team reunited at the beginning of the episode and watching them readjust to being back together again. It was also great to see more of the character interplay that the audience has come to love and expect from the Haikyu!! franchise.

But it’s going to be interesting to see how this practice match continues, and what kind of effect it’s going to have on the Karasuno team. But I am feeling a bit concerned about Kageyama, though. Like I said earlier, something about him feels a little “off” since he returned from his training camp, and I’m almost afraid this is going to have a negative impact on not only his own performance on the court, but on the team’s overall performance as well.

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