Case Closed: Episode 969 – “The Young Kaga Lady’s Mystery Tour (Part One)”

Ran wins a lottery prize, which is a trip to Kanazawa. While they’re out and about in the city, Ran, Conan, and Kogoro have a run-in with a young woman who’s running with a large bag. From interactions with her, it’s revealed that the girl is a “pampered princess” (even worse than Sonoko is), and they help her to get a taxi to where she wants to go.

Later, they run into her again when someone steals the bag of money from her. Kogoro is able to get it back, and discovers there’s a lot of money inside. Before they can get any answers from the girl, she runs off. They see her a short while later, and the bag of money is gone. She admits that it was ransom money, and this is the catalyst that brings this next mystery into being.

It turns out to be a kidnapping case involving an employee of the girl’s father’s company. While discussing the case with members of the company, the kidnapped employee calls and says he’s been freed and will return after being questioned by the local police. But during this whole thing, we see that the girl’s father is a major jerk, although he dotes on his daughter. We learn that he hates the girl’s current boyfriend, and suspects him of kidnapping the employee.

When Manabu (the kidnapped employee) returned, I thought he was acting kind of unusual and suspected that something was up. By the end of the episode, it was proven that I was right. It turned out he staged his own kidnapping, and through the reveal, we learn how Conan and Kogoro realized he’d been lying. When the case seemed to solved so quickly, I wondered how this would be a two-parter. Well, Manabu escapes and is on the run… and is not caught by the end of the episode.

Right at the end of the episode, we see the girl’s father attacked by a shadowy figure. So the mystery of the next episode is going to be trying to figure out who attacked the company president. I have a feeling that Manabu is not going to be the perpetrator, because that would just be too easy. It could also potentially be the girl’s boyfriend, but that also seems too easy. I really hope that I’m not disappointed by how this two-parter is resolved.

I know I’m not saying a lot here, but honestly, it’s one of those episodes where the initial mystery is solved rather quickly but then leads into another mystery. The buildup was fine in the episode, but the resolution felt kind of quick. I know it needed to be that way in order to set up the mystery for the next episode, but it weakened the enjoyment I might have had from trying to figure out the kidnapping mystery. It was too quick and too easy. Oh well. Like I said previously, I hope I’m not disappointed by this arc’s resolution.

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