Mag Garden’s Mag Comi website published the final chapter of Shinya Shinya’s The Apple, the Rose, and the Vampire manga on February 10, 2020.

The story is described as:

Arika is what you could charitably call a vampire “enthusiast.” When she stumbles across the beautiful and mysterious vampire Divo however, her excitement quickly turns to disappointment as she discovers he’s not exactly like the seductive, manipulative villains in her stories. His looks win first place, but his head’s a space case.

Armed with her extensive knowledge of vampire lore, Ariko downgrades Divo to a beta vampire and begins their long, long… long journey to educate him in the ways of the undead.

Shinya launched The Apple, the Rose, and the Vampire in Mag Garden’s Monthly Comic Garden magazine in January 2019. Tokyopop has the North American license for the manga.

Source: ANN