Amazon Prime Video Removes the Interspecies Reviewers Anime

Amazon Prime Video has removed both the English-dubbed and English-subtitled versions of the Interspecies Reviewers anime from its service. The listings for both versions of the anime are still available, but the anime is not available to stream.

The AnimeLab streaming service announced on February 2, 2020 that it is continuing to stream the series in Australia and New Zealand. The service said that upcoming episodes will be delayed due to “adjusting [its] sourcing of materials.”

The Wakanim service based in France is also continuing to stream the anime. However, its Nordic division stopped streaming the series with English subtitles in the Nordic region on February 1, 2020.

FUNimation Entertainment removed the series from its streaming service on January 31, 2020, stating, “After careful consideration, we determined that this series falls outside of our standards.” The company stated it decided to take down the series altogether instead of altering the content.

Source: ANN

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