Haikyu!! To The Top: Episode 3 – “Perspective”

A lot of this episode focuses on Hinata while he’s serving as the ball boy at the first years’ training camp. While he’s there, he has flashbacks to middle school, when he would help his friend practice tennis as a trade-off for his friend helping him practice volleyball. From these flashbacks, Hinata realizes that he’s spent his time on the court chasing after the ball and not really paying attention to the various cues taking place around him on the court. There are a couple of tips Hinata learned while helping his friend practice tennis, and he realizes how he can utilize them on the volleyball court. He starts by trying to utilize these methods while serving as a ball boy. While he’s a little clumsy at first, the assistant coach at Shiratorizawa recognizes that Hinata is starting to grow and develop. The assistant coach believes that Hinata will be able to develop intuition on the volleyball court. The head coach for Shiratorizawa, however, appears to not be impressed. Honestly, I thought the use of the flashbacks was effective, and I was impressed to see a little bit of growth for Hinata in this episode.

Oh, I can’t forget to mention that since Hinata showed up uninvited, the head coach for Shiratorizawa has made it clear that there’s no lodging or food for people who are there who were not invited. While that does seem kind of harsh and mean, I can also see where the coach is coming from. He definitely wants to deter Hinata or anyone else from trying this stunt again. But there’s a great scene where Hinata calls the younger Ukai to ask him what he can eat before he makes the trek home for dinner. We hear his stomach rumbling, so we know he’s hungry. At least Hinata remembered the younger Ukai making a point in an earlier season about the importance of eating to keep up your strength.

There’s also a scene of the other members of Karasuno’s team having a practice match against Tokonami High School. Unfortunately, the other guys on the team weren’t on the top of their game with their serves and their setting. Considering that they were short three of their teammates, I guess it’s not terribly surprising that their game would have been off.

There’s also a brief scene of Kageyama at the All-Japan training camp. We see that things aren’t necessarily going easily for him there. He’s developed too many habits from setting to Hinata, and it shows. From the preview, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of the All-Japan training camp, so hopefully we’ll see how Kageyama is really doing there.

During the first years’ training camp, we see that Tsukishima is feeling as if he needs to do something to help Hinata, and actually hating the fact that he’s feeling that way. Right at the end of the episode, Tsukishima tells Hinata to come with him. So hopefully we’ll find out next episode would Tsukishima is planning to say to Hinata or what he might be planning to do.

I think over the course of their respective training camps, we’ll see Hinata gain some insight into how to be a more effective team member and Kageyama gain a little more humility. Let’s see if I’m right.

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