Case Closed: Episode 968 – “Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Finale)”

Well, last week I thought I knew who the fifth person was from the robbery that tied the victims together. It turns out I was wrong, because I didn’t know that the actual person existed until this episode. Through Heiji and Conan’s work, they find out who the fifth person is by following the fourth (the one who ended up in the hospital). But through this fifth person, they find out the final location of the bomb… which puts Ran, Kazuha, and the Detective Boys in danger.

Kazuha is at the audition for the film, and has to wear an outfit that appears to look like a female version of Kamen Yaiba’s outfit. So I’m guessing the audition is for a female sidekick of his or something. It’s never clearly stated, but the outfit she has to wear makes it appear that’s the case. Unfortunately, just as she’s about to do her audition, the MC announces that there’s a “technical issue” and that they’re taking a break. The attendees are sent over to another area for a meet and greet event. Kazuha, however, is handed a phone and Heiji tells her what’s going on: there’s a bomb where he and Conan are at, and there’s a bomb on the stage that Kazuha is standing on.

Technology played an important role here, since it was up to Kazuha to disarm the bomb on the stage. Through the video feature on their phones, Heiji communicates to her what she needs to do. This ends up being a tense situation, though. While Conan feels confident he’s figured out how to disarm the bomb, Heiji would always cut a wire on his bomb first to make sure nothing happens before instructing Kazuha to do the same. Right at the end, it almost looks as if Kazuha is missing an important tool to finish the job, but she realizes she has something… even though she has to damage it in order to make it work. And she’s also fortunate to have Ran helping her at this stage as well.

After it’s determined that the bombs have been disarmed, we get a very amusing interaction between Heiji and Kazuha concerning her outfit. Poor Kazuha. LOL!

This was a good special, although I do think that the two-part school trip special from last year was a little better.

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