Crunchyroll and event company LeftField Media (which hosts the Anime NYC, Awesome Con, Rose City Comic Con, and Big Easy Con events in the United States) have announced that Crunchyroll will serve as the title sponsor for Anime Frontier, a new anime convention in Fort Worth, Texas. The first Anime Frontier Powered By Crunchyroll event will take place May 8-10, 2020 at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

LeftField Media has announced nine English voice actor guests who will attend the event, including Arryn Zech, Amanda Lee, Barbara Dunkelman, Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, Max Mittelman, Ray Chase, Robbie Daymond, and Samantha Ireland. In addition, the company stated that it will also host “Japanese pop culture creators, illustrators, directors, and voice actors,” as well as concerts. The event will also host “exhibits, panels, premieres, and guests from publishers including Aniplex of America Inc., Animate, Crunchyroll, GKIDS, HIDIVE, Kodansha Comics, Sentai Filmworks, Sunrise, Vertical, Inc., and VIZ Media.

Source: ANN