Haikyu!! Land Vs. Air: Episode 2 – “The Path of the Ball”

The second half of this OVA opens up with flashbacks of Nekoma’s third years (Yaku, Kuroo, and Kai) from their first year in the volleyball club. We see from the beginning that Kuroo and Yaku didn’t get along, and had opposite opinions of everything… except for their goal for the club: to make it to nationals.

We then return to the cliffhanger ending from the previous episode, where Yaku jumped out into the crowd in order to save the ball from falling to the ground and going out. While this was a great play, Yaku managed to step on someone’s foot in the process and receive an injury. So now Yaku has to sit out the rest of the match, and his backup, Shibayama, now has to be the active libero. Shibayama isn’t terribly confident, and their opponents, Nohebi, quickly pick up on this.

Speaking of Nohebi, man, I really came to really dislike this team. We see in a flashback that they play the “goody two shoes” game with the referees, but they don’t hesitate to find ways to “cheat.” In one of the plays during this episode, they touch the ball right when it’s near being out, and use their bodies to hide the fact that it was really in the court when it fell. Near the end, it felt like there was an attempt to try to kind of redeem them, but for me, it fell kind of flat. Oh well.

There’s plenty of action here. During the first set, we see the teams hit deuce a few times before Nekoma manages to get the two points they need to win the set. Basically, the first half of this OVA focuses on the first set.

When the second half starts up, the second set is already underway. It contains the action and emotion viewers have come to expect from Haikyu!!. This second half also sees Lev have an epiphany when it comes to teamwork, and Shibayama gains his confidence. What we get to see of the second set is rather exciting.

The last few minutes of the episode sees the aftermath of the match and how both teams react. We also briefly see the match Fukurodani Academy is in, and the final results of it. We also get a brief and humorous scene of Hinata right at the end, getting a message from Kenma about the results of their matches.

I have a feeling that this two-part OVA story will be leading us right into the fourth season of Haikyu!! I’ll find out soon enough whether or not I’m right on this.

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