Anime database website MyAnimeList has added five free manga to its website, including: Yako Gureishi’s Somari and the Guardian of the Forest, Keisuke Itagaki’s Baki, Hitori Renda’s Ousama Game, Masahito Soda’s The Tenth Prism, and Ayumu Aso’s Ravelli’s Defiant Bride. The manga have their first two chapters available, with future chapters being made available every week.

North Star Pictures publishes Somari and the Guardian of the Forest manga digitally in English. Media Do, the parent company of MyAnimeList, publishes the Baki manga digitally in English. Futabasha published the Ousama Game manga digitally in English. Crunchyroll published The Tenth Prism manga digitally in English. Ravelli’s Defiant Bride manga adapts Lynne Graham’s novel of the same name. Harlequin, the publisher of the original novel, released the manga digitally in English in May 2018.

Source: ANN