Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld: Episode 10 – “Stacia, the Goddess of Creation”

The episode opens with Asuna making her dive into Underworld, and some important information is imparted right before she does. She is going in under the superuser account of Stacia, the Goddess of Creation. While this account has the ability to transform the landscape, it’s something that can be dangerous to the user. She is told that if she starts feeling a headache, she needs to stop using the ability. I figured this would be important, and sure enough, after she dives and uses the ability to create a large crack to cause Dark Lord Vecta’s henchman to plunge down into the earth below, Asuna starts getting a headache.

After this is done, Asuna runs into Kirito and Eugeo’s pages. After saying she isn’t a god and is a human and came here to see Kirito, the girls are more than happy to take Asuna to him since she saved their lives. The reunion between Asuna and Kirito is touching and also a little sad. You can see that Kirito wants to say something, and has tears in his eyes, but he just can’t quite get the words out. But this is the most emotion we’ve seen Kirito show up to this point in this season.

When Asuna leaves the carriage where Kirito is, she is attacked by Alice, and the two have a swordfight. The action here is pretty exciting, but it’s broken up by Bercouli. Alice accuses Asuna of being a spy, but he shares what he saw Asuna do when she first arrived. Asuna says she has a lot of information to share, and the knights gather.

Most of the rest of the episode is Asuna and the Integrity Knights sharing information. Through these exchanges, Asuna learns that others from the outside world have come into Underworld with superuser accounts, and she also learns about the seal of the right eye. Asuna reasons that there must be a mole in Rath, because the idea of keeping the people of Underworld in submission goes against the whole point of Rath’s experiments. But since Asuna is nowhere near a communications area, she has no way of informing Rath of what she knows. Also, after Asuna explains about Alice and needing to take her to our world, Alice is resistant. But Asuna makes a compelling argument, but Alice says she will only go after the enemies in front of them are defeated. And now that Asuna knows that there are others from her world in the Dark Realm, she and Alice aren’t going to be able to leave on their own. Asuna pledges to help the Integrity Knights.

At the end of the episode, we end up seeing Asuna, Alice, Ronie, and the knight that Kirito served as a page under at the academy “bragging” about how much time they spent with him. This was actually pretty amusing. But, it’s clear early on in this episode that there’s going to be a rivalry between Asuna and Alice over Kirito. Of course, the stage was set not too long ago when Alice realized she has feelings for Kirito. It could be interesting to see how this potential rivalry and jealousy could affect Asuna’s mission of getting Alice to our world.

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