The episode begins with a quick recap of Alice announcing her presence, and we see that Gabriel (aka Dark Knight Vecta) is obsessed with getting her fluctlight. He’s so obsessed that he’s ordered all his remaining forces to advance and capture her.

After this, we get a scene of Alice and Bercouli discussing strategy. While this is important, it is a little on the dry side. But at the end of it, we see an Integrity Knight named Sheyta Synthesis Twelve come forward and say that she will take on the oncoming pugilists guild. The thing about the pugilists guild is that they have developed such willpower that swords don’t cut them. They only respond to blows from fists.

Sheyta Synthesis Twelve comes across as quiet and not very strong, but there’s more to her than meets the eye. Through a flashback that shows an interaction she had with Administrator, we learn a brief bit about her as well as the weapon that she wields. It turns out that her sword is not a normal sword, and it can slash the pugilists. At first, she’s slashing pugilists left and right, but is not killing them. Around the middle of the episode, we get an epic battle between Sheyta and the leader of the pugilists.

Meanwhile, Gabriel’s buddy who was a Player Killer in other games he’s played, goes out and starts killing people in the area where the Survey Corps is. He makes it to the Survey Corps camp, and it looks like he’s about to kill Ronie (Kirito’s page), when someone makes a grand entrance and stops the PK-er. From the silhouette and from what I’ve seen in the opening, I knew that it was Asuna FINALLY showing up. Not only did she finally show up, she showed up in such an epic way and in the form of someone major in the world of the game. While it was frustrating to have to wait this long for Asuna to finally appear, and least she made her presence known at just the right time. I’m not giving away the identity of who Asuna appears as, in case anyone reading this hasn’t actually watched the episode yet or isn’t already familiar with the light novels that the series is based on.

Since we’re getting closer to the end of the cour, I imagine that we’re leading up to something major happening. From the images that appear in the opening for this cour that I finally caught on to when watching it today, I think I have an idea of what’s coming. And if I’m right, it could be incredibly epic. Just as long as it isn’t a rushed affair like the final battle with Administrator in Sword Art Online: Alicization.

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