Case Closed: Episode 962 – “Mori Kogoro’s Grand Lecture (Part One)”

The episode opens with Kogoro, Ran, Conan, and Eri meeting up at a cafe to briefly talk about an upcoming lecture that Kogoro is having to commemorate the re-opening of Hishida Hall. We get the amusing banter and bickering between Kogoro and his ex-wife, Eri, but we also learn that Eri is scheduled to be part of a panel after Kogoro’s lecture.

We then go to the day of the lecture, and that it’s an hour before it’s scheduled to start. Kogoro is nervous and drinks more alcohol than he should. We get to meet various characters, such as the owners of the hall, an actor who’s scheduled to be on the panel, the support staff for the event, as well as a former employee of the hall who has recently been terminated by the new owners. We see that not only does the older gentleman (the former employee) have a grudge against the new owners, there’s also bad blood between him and the head of the security staff. He also becomes agitated with the actor, who gets involved to break up an argument between the former employee and one of the new owners. Unfortunately, Kogoro was drunk during all of this, so he really wasn’t conscious of what was going on.

A little while later, it’s discovered that the actor was murdered in his dressing room, and the way the murder was done, it’s a locked room mystery. Conan, of course, ends up getting involved. Ai is also there, so she is involved as well. And it turns out that one of the members of the support staff is a big fan of Kogoro and is a mystery buff. She’s right alongside both Conan and Ai as the police investigate.

At one point, it’s suggested to cancel the event, but the staff say they can’t cancel without permission from the owner… and that the owner hasn’t been seen in a while. I knew the fact that the owner was missing was going to be important, but I didn’t realize just how important until the end of the episode. Also, the Kogoro fan on the support staff says they shouldn’t cancel the event, since the 300 attendees for the lecture could also be potential suspects… and they wouldn’t want those potential suspects to leave the scene of the crime. I know this was done to prove just how much of a mystery buff she is, but come on… Megure and his team should know this (and do know this for a fact, since they themselves have pointed it out during other investigations earlier in the series). Acting shocked when she mentions it just came across as ridiculous, especially since it’s really more of a common sense thing than simply something that only detectives and the police should know. To be honest, this just felt forced.

We get a surprise near the end of the episode, when Kogoro declares that he’s figured out who the murderer is. He says who it is and has Takagi and Chiba re-enact what he thought happened. The accused says he’s impressed that Kogoro figured out his trick, but… and there’s a big but here… he murdered someone else. The final shot is of the owner of Hishida Hall lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Like I said earlier, I knew the fact that the owner was missing was important, but I hadn’t realized it was going to cause this kind of a plot twist. So, while Kogoro ultimately solved a murder he didn’t even know happened, they’re still stuck with the original locked room murder mystery.

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode in order to find out the truth behind this mystery.

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