Case Closed: Episode 961 – “The Glamping Mystery”

This week’s episode is a stand alone episode, and it shows Ran, Conan, and Sonoko going “glamping.” What is “glamping,” you may ask? It’s basically “glamorous camping,” where beds and other amenities are provided by the campground in fancy “tents” (they aren’t what we would normally think of as tents, but I’m not sure how else to describe them). Anyway, this is basically the only way I could see a pampered princess like Sonoko agree to go camping. I can’t see her truly “roughing it.”

That night, Conan and the others hear a scream coming from a nearby “tent.” They see a woman by the body of a man wearing a wig and women’s clothing, a crab leg coming out of his mouth, scribbles on his face, and a note in his hand. Two other people arrive on the scene as well. The three people are the man’s wife and friend (who are the two who came after the scream), and a makeup artist that the man knows. The man is the president of a company, and had met the makeup artist during a photo shoot.

As usual, Conan instructs Ran to call an ambulance and the police. I’m sure she has those numbers on speed dial by now. As she’s making her calls, Conan determines that the victim is dead. Before the police arrive, Conan, Ran, and Sonoko hear from the three potential suspects about what led up to the scream that they heard. The wife discovered her husband’s body in their “tent,” and thinking that she’ll be found guilty, drags the body to the friend’s tent (the friend is a cook). She finds a crab leg in his freezer and sticks it in her husband’s mouth to frame the friend. When the friend finds the body, he drags the body to the makeup artist’s “tent” and uses her makeup to draw the scribbles on the victim’s face. When the makeup artist finds the body, she writes a note to frame the wife, and tries dragging the body back to their “tent.” But the body was too heavy, so she screamed. Oh, these are such “wonderful” people. Manhandling a dead body and trying to frame other people.

When the police arrive, it’s revealed that the victim is allergic to crab and gets anaphylactic shock, which is an often life-threatening reaction. After piecing some things together, Conan figures out who the guilty party is, and uses his stun gun watch on Sonoko so he can use the voice-changing bowtie to make his revelation and solve the mystery.

One thing I did like seeing was how, after the two who didn’t kill the victim let out a sigh of relief, Megure sternly tells them that they have to answer for abandoning a dead body. Good. I’m glad to see that they’ll have to answer for that behavior.

Like Conan (as Sonoko) says as the truth is about to be revealed, this was ultimately supposed to be a standard murder, but the three suspects had to go around muddying things up with all the stunts they pulled with the body.

In the end, this wasn’t a bad episode, but it wasn’t a standout one, either. It was pretty standard Case Closed fare.

But, there was one burning question that was never answered during this episode: why was the victim in women’s clothing and wearing a wig? This was one of things that was pointed out about the victim when Conan and the others first found the body, in addition to the crab leg, scribbles, and the note. The other three unusual things were addressed, but not this. It’s one of those things where, if it wasn’t important to the story, why even include it? Or if you are going to include a detail like this, make sure you explain it.

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