Chris Ayres Receives Lung Transplant and Is in Recovery

Voice actor Chris Ayres has announced on Twitter that he received a lung transplant on October 31, 2019, after having been on a transplant list for almost two years. Ayres added that he is still in the hospital and has more rehab and recovery before he can leave the hospital, but stated “doctors have been thrilled with [his] progress.”

Ayres added that several anime conventions will reactivate a GoFundMe account for him, as he stated, “the last two years of medication, doctors, and surgeries to prepare for the transplant have used up most of the money I raised those years ago.”

In November 2017, non-profit corporation Anime Twin Cities Inc. launched a fundraising campaign for Ayres’ medical expenses. Ayres had been diagnosed with end-stage COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). The fundraiser sought to raise US$25,000, primarily to assist in medical procedures and care. The fundraising stated at the time that Ayres required a double lung transplant to survive, along with two additional surgeries.

Ayres’ credits include Frieza in the Dragon Ball franchise, as well as roles in Gantz, Tamako Market, Phi-Brain – Puzzle of God, Gintama: The Movie, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Sengoku Basara, Initial D, and Tears to Tiara.

Source: ANN

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