Case Closed: Episode 960 – “Miss Lonely and the Detective Boys”

As the title suggests, this episode focuses on the Detective Boys being part of a mystery.

At the beginning of the episode, the kids are playing soccer in the park. They run into a woman sitting at a park bench, with drinks set out for two… but she’s the only one there. Mitsuhide, Genta, and Ayumi decide to ask her what she’s doing, much to the chagrin of Conan and Ai. It turns out she’s recently widowed.

They end up befriending the woman, and she takes them to a botanical garden. Ayumi becomes lost and after a call is put out at the information center, a man brings Ayumi over. The man is the president of a men’s cosmetics company, and the woman works hard at charming this guy. To me, this jut felt kind of awkward, especially when we see a few days later that she’s changed her appearance to match the guy’s likes. She also makes sure to make a picnic lunch full of food that he enjoys. Not only that, but she’s always inviting the Detective Boys along on these dates. Unfortunately, the kids don’t really pick up on how awkward this is. Conan and Ai probably do, though, but just don’t say anything.

Then, we see Professor Agasa accompanying the kids to the woman’s house, since she has invited them over. The man is there, too, and just as they reach where he is, they hear a phone, and then the man trips and falls to his death. The true mystery begins.

As a viewer, I knew that the woman had done something suspicious from the way she had been acting throughout the episode prior to this. It was more learning from Conan how exactly she pulled this off. After this revelation, Genta discovers something in the house that shows that this woman is truly off her rocker. And in the end, we learn how she pulled this off, but we never truly learn a motive for why.

While this may not have been as bad as some of the episodes featuring the Detective Boys, it’s still not a great episode. The way the Detective Boys get involved in the story feels awkward and forced, and I don’t really feel there was much of a payoff for the viewer at the end.

Unfortunately, after watching the preview for the next episode, it’s not looking promising. Maybe the episode will turn out to be better than what the preview makes it out to be.

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