Case Closed: Episode 957 – “The Mystery-Solving Water Taxi (Part Two)”

The episode opened with a recap that perfectly recounted the facts that were presented during the previous episode. I thought it worked as a great refresher to remind the audience of what happened in the previous week’s episode.

When the story continues, Conan and Kogoro go to the restaurant that served as the alibi for the former student of the woman whose son was murdered at the beginning of the previous episode (and then she died in a fire in her house at the end of last episode). Conan discovers something fishy in the security footage, and he and Kogoro piece something together. However, they technically still don’t have any concrete evidence. But even so, Kogoro decides to confront the former student again, thinking he’ll simply confess if they point out what they discovered about his alibi. Oh, Kogoro. *facepalm*

When Kogoro and Conan confront the former student as he’s leaving work for the day, the student gets onto a nearby water taxi, thinking he’ll get away from Kogoro and Conan. Unfortunately for him, they also get on and start talking with him.

Most of the rest of the episode is set on the water taxi. While there’s really not a lot of ways to have action in this kind of setting, the discussions they have and the flashbacks are interesting enough that it makes the viewer forget that the characters are on a water taxi and are limited in what they can do. When you think about it, characters simply talking sounds like boring viewing, but the director found a way to make this work. I think the fact that the case itself was riveting, especially with the twists and turns from the previous episode, helped to make what would have otherwise been a boring episode much more interesting to watch.

When it comes to my thoughts from last week, I was on the right track on one idea I had, but still wasn’t entirely correct. I had also suspected something was off with the teacher’s older son, especially in regards to his temper.

But the ending of the episode was a little on the heartbreaking side, though. I’m not going to say why in order to avoid providing spoilers, but this was definitely a heartbreaking ending that Case Closed has been good at doing over the years.

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