Case Closed: Episode 955 – “The Secret of the Insect Man”

When I saw the preview for this episode a couple of weeks ago, I feared that it wasn’t going to be a good episode. However, now that I’ve seen it, the episode was even worse than I feared.

The Detective Boys, minus Ai, go to Kurunoso. Genta is dressed like a bug catcher, and the others ask why he’s dressed like that yet is carrying a huge net. Uh… why didn’t Mitsuhide or one of the others ask while they were on the train there or even when they first boarded the train?

It turns out that Genta has heard about an Insect Man Ranch and wants to catch an Insect Man. Again, why hadn’t the kids asked for details about why they were going to Kurunoso before getting there? Kids are naturally inquisitive, so you’d think they would have asked these questions sooner.

When they hear a strange noise, Genta thinks it’s the cry of an Insect Man. What they find is excavation equipment at the shrine. Adults glare at them, and they run off. When they get into the village, they find a teenager in a bug costume. The teenager, along with his younger sibling, tell the story of what’s going on through a picture presentation (i.e. pictures drawn by the kids). It’s an odd story, having to do with the mayor and some kind of treasure being in the forest surrounding the shrine. Conan decides to go off on his own to investigate.

When Conan goes around the village, he finds that all of the adults are gone, and their kids are running their various businesses. When he talks to the teenager at the clinic, she acknowledges patient confidentiality, but says she could be persuaded to tell him if she can give him a checkup. Sure enough, she spills the beans about the mayor who is central to the backstory, with her examination consisting of putting a stethoscope on Conan’s forehead. After that, he goes to the main building in town, and the kid there just lets Conan look at a book that was put together by a teacher documenting the history of the town. With what he puts together, he realizes that the treasure doesn’t exist and that this was some kind of scheme put together by the mayor.

We then see that the other Detective Boys put on insect costumes and were dumb enough to wander into the forest where the adults are working. When they’re surrounded by the town’s adults, they are accused of trying to steal the treasure. Between how they treated the Detective Boys, and the fact that all of these parents and adults left their children to run the village themselves while they were off chasing treasure, they came across as major assholes. And, wow, all of the adults were actually gullible enough to fall for the fake treasure? You mean there wasn’t a single one of them who thought to look through the town’s history to confirm the existence of the treasure?

And you know how this ends? Conan tells the adults about the treasure not being in the history book and how the mayor really died and his motive for the treasure map, and they simply believe him. That just felt so unrealistic. These adults simply go from accusing Conan and the kids of lying to just believing him because he said a couple of things.

Honestly, the only thing I enjoyed about this episode was picking up on a couple of One Piece references. The straw hat Genta wears at the beginning of the episode bears a very strong resemblance to Luffy’s. And later, when Conan encounters a kid working on his cicada impersonation and Conan says he’s doing a good job, the kid breaks out into the laugh that young Nico Robin learned from Saul on Ohara. Outside of that, the episode was simply garbage. Ai should feel grateful that she was excluded from this trainwreck of an episode.

I now dub thee The. Worst. Episode. Of. Case. Closed. That. I Have. Ever. Personally. Seen.

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