Manga Review: A Bride’s Story Volume 11

A Bride’s Story Volume 11 is set in the Caucasus region of central Asia during the 19th century. The main focus of the series is Amir Halgal, a 20-year-old who marries her betrothed husband who is eight years younger than her. But sometimes, the series will also have stories focusing on other young women who are brides or who want to become brides.

A Bride’s Story Volume 11
Written by: Kaoru Mori
Publisher: Enterbrain, Inc.
English Publisher: Yen Press
Release Date: August 27, 2019

Volume 11 focuses on Talas, a young woman who had met Henry Smith earlier in the series. At the beginning of this volume, she has come to realize that she is in love with Henry and wants to be with him. But her family has arranged a marriage for her with a man who has been married before. When she explains her feelings for Henry, Talas’ betrothed agrees to help her locate him.

Talas and her betrothed travel together, and they finally find Henry in Ankara. While Henry is glad to see Talas, her arrival causes problems for him, especially when it comes to Mr. Hawkins, the man that Henry reports to during his travels in the area. Talas wants to travel with Henry, and he tells her he would like her to be his wife. They don’t get married in this volume, but there is potential for them to actually marry later on in the series. I hope it happens, because Talas deserves some happiness in her life after what’s happened to her in the past.

Before continuing his journey, Henry is given a newer, smaller camera to take pictures with as he’s traveling. Mori takes the time in both the manga and in the afterward to explain the process that Henry is using to take and develop his pictures. You would think having something educational like this being thrown in would make the chapter a boring read, but it doesn’t. We also get to see the very beginning of Henry’s journey, and how he has to adjust to having Talas traveling with him.

There’s also a hilarious story involving a watch that Henry lost earlier in the series. Someone finds it, and as it passes from person to person, a “legend” surrounding the watch grows bigger and bigger. It ends with Henry seeing someone wearing it across their neck, and hearing about the legend that has grown around it. His reaction was rather comical.

Amir shows up briefly in a quick montage of events that takes place in the first chapter. After that, Amir doesn’t show up again anywhere in Volume 11.

Mori’s art continues the ornate style that A Bride’s Story has come to be known for. This is especially evident in the clothing that Talas wears. The style that Mori has utilized for this series has given it a very distinct look and feel that works for the story that she’s telling.

A Bride’s Story Volume 11 is a wonderful continuation for the series, and I’m looking forward to what else Mori has in store for the characters in future volumes of the series.

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