A Silent Voice Anime Film to Get a Limited Edition Blu-ray Disc Release

Eleven Arts has announced that the A Silent Voice film will get a limited edition Blu-ray Disc on November 26, 2019. The Blu-ray Disc will have chipboard box packaging featuring the original Japanese box set artwork, raised UV design, and a holographic title.

The release will include a 60-page art book featuring storyboards, character designs, notes from film director Naoko Yamada, and the story behind the Inner Silence alternate soundtrack written by composer Kensuke Ushio. The Blu-ray Disc will also include eight art cards featuring scenes from the film.

The Blu-ray Disc will also feature a full-length audio commentary, the Inner Silence alternate soundtrack with no dialogue, the official music video of “Koi Wo Shita No Wa” by aiko, the “Speed of Youth” music video directed by Yamada, a featurette about real life locations of the film, promotional videos, and individual interviews with director Yamada, the composer Ushio, the art director Mutsuo Shinohara, and the late character designer Futoshi Nishiya.

The regular edition of the film shipped in North America on April 2, 2019. The release is available in a Blu-ray Disc and DVD combo pack, on DVD, and as a digital download. The release has both Japanese audio with English subtitles and an English dub.

Source: ANN

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