Fruits Basket: Episode 25 – “Summer Will Be Here Soon”

At the end of last week’s episode, I stated that it felt like the previous episode would make a good end point for the season. However, when this episode started, it made me realize that there was a loose end that needed to be tied up between Kyo and Kazuma in order to bring that storyline to an end. So in that regard, last week’s episode wasn’t quite as good of a season ender as I had initially thought.

During this episode, we see both Kyo and Yuki starting to make some forward movement in their character progression. I especially liked seeing how Haru played an important role in Yuki’s forward movement. If anyone was going to help Yuki see what needed to be done and Tohru isn’t able to do it, then it was going to be Haru.

Near the end of the episode, we see Shigure calling together most of the Soma clan that we’ve met up to now to have dinner at his house. Shigure himself had some important business to attend to at the main Soma estate, and we see what that is right at the end of the episode. Ritsu doesn’t shoe up, and no one even questions why he isn’t there. Kisa makes it a point to mention that Hiro will be running a little late. Right at the end of the episode, we find out why. His scene introduces us to a new character, although the audience doesn’t learn her name. But you can pick up an important fact about her from what she says to Hiro.

Speaking of new characters, there are also two new characters hinted at during one of the scenes at school, but their faces remain hidden and we don’t learn their names, either.

With the way this episode ends with Tohru’s final comment and the scene with Shigure at the Soma estate, the stage is being set for the next season of the series. After watching this episode, I believe that this was the better spot to end at.

Right at the end of the episode, an announcement revealed that the second season of Fruits Basket will begin airing in 2020. Unfortunately, it didn’t say when in 2020… which means it could be as early as January (a one season break), or as late as October 2020 (which is basically a year away). But I’m really looking forward to the point that the second season begins airing, because it will focus exclusively on content that had never been included in the original Fruits Basket anime.

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