Fruits Basket: Episode 24 – “Let’s Go Home”

This episode features the section of the story that I was very interested in seeing this reboot adapt. And I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed by what I saw in this episode.

We get some backstory for Kyo, and we learn about what happened to his mother and the type of relationship she had had with Kyo. This is incredibly important for what happens in the climax of the episode. We also learn that Kazuma, Kyo’s teacher, was more like a father to him. And since Kazuma’s grandfather had been the previous Soma member to have the cat spirit, Kazuma likely has the best understanding of the cat spirit and the person who has it.

This episode finally reveals the secret that Kagura was referring to in the previous episode. It turns out that when the rosary bracelet that Kyo wears around his wrist is taken off, he turns into a completely different form. Through flashbacks, we see Akito and other Somas reacting negatively to it. Well, Kazuma decides to put Tohru to a test, and he takes Kyo’s rosary bracelet off in front of her. Kyo panics and flees after he’s changed into this monstrous form.

What I appreciate in Takaya’s storytelling is that Tohru doesn’t automatically accept this other form. It’s handled much more realistically, with Tohru being shocked and scared by it, and being torn on how to respond. And it’s also realistic that when Tohru makes up her mind to talk to Kyo in this other form, he tries to push her away. Everyone else has reacted negatively to this form, so he sees no reason for Tohru to act differently. In an attempt to try to get her to leave him alone, he pushes her in his monstrous form and actually gives Tohru an injury… which is something he never would intentionally do when he’s his regular self.

Again, Tohru acts realistically right after this. She starts walking away right at first, but after a short bit, realizes that she doesn’t want to lose Kyo. I liked how, instead of the regular closing credits, we get to see the credits in the corner as Kazuma sees the results of the test he gave to Tohru.

But with the way this episode ended, it really felt like it should have been the season ender. But, there was the usual preview screen at the end of the episode, indicating that there is indeed one more episode for this season. It’ll be interesting to see how this remaining episode will end the season and what hook it will have to make the audience want to come back when the second season comes out.

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