Kyoto Animation Fire Update (September 10, 2019)

The Asahi Shimbun newspaper as well as the Asahi Broadcasting News have reported that seven injured women from the July 18, 2019 fire at Kyoto Animation’s Studio 1 building are still undergoing treatment at the hospital. Three are in critical condition, one in serious condition, and three are still being treated for burns or broken bones.

A total of 70 people were inside the building when the fire broke out. 35 people died, while 34 were injured, with one person unharmed. An additional man in his 40s on his way to work in the area suffered minor injuries from smoke inhalation.

Among those injured, there are 15 men and 19 women, with ages ranging from 21 to 53 years old. More than 70% of the injured are in their 20s and 30s, and mostly from the prefectures of Kyoto, Osaka, Shiga, and Nara. Asahi Shimbun reported that there are several workers who are unable to return to work due to the trauma they experienced.

According to Daisuke Okeda, Kyoto Animation’s lawyer, personal damages resulting from the fire amount to more than 4 billion yen (about US$38 million), even after workers’ compensation.

Kyoto Animation has also revealed that it has handed control of the account it set up to receive donations to the custody of the Kyoto Prefectural Government, who will oversee the donation money’s transfer to the victims of the fire and their families. Kyoto Animation added that it will not handle the money itself.

Source: ANN

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