Case Closed: Episode 952 – “The Unsolved Cocktail Case (Part One)”

The episode begins with Amuro and Shuichi encountering each other and holding the other at gunpoint. After this brief scene, we go back in time to nine hours earlier, when Amuro arrives at Kogoro’s place to deliver sandwiches, only to discover that Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are about to head out. It turns out they’re going to a restaurant to talk to a wealthy client who has received a threatening letter, and Amuro is invited to join them.

When they arrive at the Black Rabbit Club, they discover that it’s a bunny girl restaurant, complete with waitresses dressed as bunny girls. Poor Ran is so embarrassed, and even blurts out that if she had known what kind of place this was, she never would have brought Conan.

The wealthy client arrives with his butler, and they show the note to Kogoro. It’s an old fashioned threatening letter, with newspaper cutouts for the text. Kogoro even comments on how old fashioned this is. Anyway, the note threatens the wealthy man to stay away from the Black Rabbit Club or someone will get hurt. Not surprisingly, Kogoro is incredulous that the client wanted to come to the location since the note tells him to stay away. He gives an explanation that comes across as kind of flimsy, at least to me.

The client is a known customer at the restaurant, and he has a particular waitress who waits on him all the time named Yuri. But we quickly see another employee at the restaurant who gives Yuri jealous glances. After having Yuri order food and everyone starts having their drinks, the jealous waitress purposefully bumps into Yuri and spills some of her drink on Yuri’s white cuff. Yuri has to go change it. While she’s gone, a couple of suspicious things take place. But when she comes back and starts to eat and have more of her drink, she suddenly collapses. Once again, Ran has to be the one to call an ambulance and the police.

And guess who shows up from the police to investigate? If you guessed Megure and Takagi, you’re right! Anyway, they determine that Yuri was poisoned by arsenic that was placed in her drink. From a report that’s given, Yuri has finished being treated at the hospital, but has not regained consciousness.

Amuro deducts that only three people could have possibly poisoned Yuri’s drink: the wealthy client, his butler, and the jealous employee. And that’s basically where the first part of this story ends.

When it comes to the culprits, it seems that the jealous employee has the motive, but this just seems to be too easy of an answer. The suspicious things that happen right around the time Yuri leaves are both tied in with the butler, but I really hope it’s not the cliche of “the butler did it.” I have a hard time believing it was the wealthy client, but maybe there’s something that hasn’t been revealed yet.

And, my biggest question of all: how do we get to the opening scene of Amuro and Shuichi holding each other at gunpoint? To me, that’s as much of a mystery as the actual mystery that’s taking place in the story!

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