Fruits Basket: Episode 21 – “I Never Back Down from a Wave Fight”

This episode focuses on Motoko, the president of the Prince Yuki Fan Club, along with her two subordinates. There’s also an emphasis on Hanajima, since the girls are trying to find if she has a weakness, because they see her as the “Demon Queen” that protects Tohru. The girls perceive Tohru as a threat, since she’s so close to Yuki and is constantly violating the rules of their club (never mind that Tohru isn’t a member of said club).

They devise a ridiculous scheme, and ask Hanajima if they can go to her house in order to interview her about waves for an article for the school newspaper. After she says yes, we learn through a conversation with Tohru and Arisa that she sees right through them, but is willing to entertain them, anyway.

One of my favorite things is how, before they actually go to her house, seeing what Motoko and the other two think her house must be like. It’s so over the top and ridiculous, just like those three are as characters. LOL!

But when they get to Hanajima’s house, they discover that it’s normal. While Hanajima is making tea, they try finding something to use as a weakness against her. They find all black clothes, all black makeup, and… a collection of shojo manga. While the manga may be different, and not what they expected, it still wasn’t a weakness.

We are also introduced to Hanajima’s younger brother, a middle schooler named Megumi. I thought it was amusing how he was first introduced into the story (Motoko finds him hiding in a closet while snooping around). He looks like and has a very similar demeanor to Hanajima, although his power isn’t waves… he claims he curses people and can do so by knowing their names. Even though Hanajima warned the girls not to say their names in the house, they do it while snooping through her room. Megumi uses this to his advantage later, and it’s amusing.

But amongst the humor, there’s a very serious moment that takes place. Hanajima makes it clear that she knows Motoko and the other two are jealous of Tohru and want to get her out of the way. But what’s interesting is that it’s not Hanajima who delivers the serious speech in this scene, it’s Megumi. But it had to be this way, so Hanajima could realize something when it comes to her feelings for Tohru. The three main girls from the Prince Yuki Fan Club don’t want to hear this truth, of course, but they deserve it. While they may not be quite as obnoxious as they were in the original Fruits Basket anime, they’re still on the annoying side. As a viewer, there was a bit of a feeling of satisfaction seeing those three get schooled on relationships by a middle schooler.

Overall, this was a more light-hearted episode, with a serious point made near the end of it. But knowing that we’re getting closer to the end of the season, it makes me think we have a more serious story coming. Generally, whether it’s in anime or other animated series, a light-hearted story near the end of a season tends to signify that a much more serious story to end the season is coming. It’s a kind of “calm before the storm,” so to speak. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not I’m right about this or not.

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