Case Closed: Episode 951 – “The Whistling Bookstore 2”

This episode of Case Closed is a little on the unusual side, since it’s billed as a sequel to a previous episode, “The Whistling Bookstore,” which aired back in 2017.

At the beginning of the episode, Conan and the Detective Boys accompany the owner of the bookstore to the home of someone who is wanting to sell a lot of books. It turns out there are several rare ones in the mix, but when the bookstore owner learns that the woman he is speaking with is the wife of the owner, he asks her to get permission from her husband before selling the books. Ayumi discovers a silverfish in one of the books, and the owner shows a technique to help repel them, and this includes using some very distinct paper that Ayumi gives him.

Later, a man comes into the shop with a picture of some books on his phone. The owner looks at them, says they look valuable, but he would need to see them in person. Shortly after, the woman from earlier says her husband gave permission to sell the non-rare books. But after the bookstore owner leaves the house, the rare books are stolen from the house, and the wife accuses the bookstore owner.

Things get more intense when the man with the photo comes back to the shop with a bag of books, and it turns out they’re the ones stolen from the woman’s house, which is proven through one of Ayumi’s pieces of papers falling out of one of them. After a confrontation, the man is found dead by the bookstore owner after the owner receives a call to meet with the man. The bookstore owner is framed for the murder, and it’s up to Conan to piece everything together and clear the bookstore owner of suspicion.

When it comes to this mystery, it obviously had to be solved in this episode, since it wasn’t a multiple part episode. I thought it was rather easy to figure out who the real culprit of the murder was, even without the clues that Conan brings forward through Ogasa and bowtie trick. There aren’t that many potential suspects to begin with, and the only other suspect had been acting suspicious right from the start. The mystery to me was more what clues Conan would need in order to reveal the true culprit than it was identifying who the actual culprit was. It wasn’t a bad story, but for a mystery, there really wasn’t a lot to try to figure out. Oh well.

According to something said at the end, there won’t be an episode of Case Closed next week. But the preview shows the next episode will be the first of a multi-part one, so when Case Closed comes back, it will be guaranteed to have at least two episodes airing back-to-back.

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