AnimEigo Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Megazone 23 Anime

AnimEigo has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Megazone 23 anime. As of this writing, the campaign has raised $97,945.

The sets will include:

  • The complete Megazone 23 saga (Parts I, II and III) with the original Japanese 2.0 and the ADV Films English 5.1 audio tracks. Total runtime: 4 hours and 4 minutes (each is about 80 minutes long)
  • The Megazone 23 Part II International Edition English dub (94 minutes)
  • An assortment of Megazone 23 trailers
  • The original ADV Films English commentary featuring Matt Greenfield, David Williams and Janice Williams
  • Multicolored non-SDH and SDH subtitle tracks and SDH captions for the Japanese program, SDH captions for the English program, and multicolored SDH subtitles for the commentary tracks
  • All backers will be listed on the disc in a special feature and in a 9-panel poster insert in the Amaray case
  • Expanded Production Artbook containing significantly more content than the Japanese artbook (Premium set only)

The stretch goals include:

  • Japanese commentary featuring Gaku Miyao and Hiroki Sato
  • Use of Haruhiko Mikimoto’s outstanding new Eve painting
  • New artwork created by Mr. Mikimoto for this edition
  • 8-page Megazone 23 manga created and illustrated by Mr. Miyao

Source: The Fandom Post

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