Fruits Basket: Episode 20 – “I Can’t Believe You Picked It Up”

This episode introduces another zodiac member of the Soma family. This time, it’s a young boy named Hiro, and he suddenly shows up and starts antagonizing Tohru. It starts with him kicking off his boot while sitting high up and demanding that she pick it up for him. When she does what he asks, he starts berating her. This confrontation ends with him taking Tohru’s pocketbook (which has a picture of her mother in it). Luckily, Momiji finds Tohru, and he brings Kisa around to talk to Hiro. While Hiro gives the pocketbook back, he continues acting like a jerk toward Tohru.

We later learn through a conversation between Shigure and Hatori why Hiro is acting the way he is. For Hatori, I’m sure it reminds him of what happened with him and Akito. Even though Hiro loves Kisa, another member of the Soma family and not someone from the outside, Akito still lashed out… but this time at Kisa, rather than at Hiro. Hiro’s guilt made him avoid Kisa, and unfortunately, this was right around the time that Kisa started being bullied in school. And Hiro treats Tohru the way he does because he’s jealous over the fact that Tohru is the one who saved Kisa and not him. Since Hiro is only in sixth grade, he’s simply young and doesn’t understand how to deal with his feelings.

But it was nice to see near the end of the episode how Tohru is ultimately about to help Hiro through her words, just like she has with other cursed members of the Soma family. Obviously, Hiro isn’t going to change overnight, but at least Tohru has started a process that can hopefully help Hiro deal with his feelings.

Even though Hiro came across as abrasive and annoying, this was still a good episode. He needed to be the driving force of the episode, and you couldn’t have had the conflicts and character growth that happened here without those character traits.

And I’ve got to say, that Mogeta cartoon that Tohru is watching with Kisa and Yuki is just not very good. Yuki’s reactions to it were pretty hilarious, though.

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