Case Closed: Episode 950 – “The Radio Questions and Concerns Show (Solution Arc)”

The episode opens with the recap that we normally get with a multiple part episode. However, instead of Conan narrating the recap, it’s the distorted voice that’s associated with the “shadow suspect.” I thought this made for an interesting change of pace.

Once the story gets going, Kogoro wants to leave the radio station. But Conan still has some things he wants to check out first, so he claims that he saw Yoko Okino, which sends Kogoro running around to look for her. This is actually an amusing bit, and it also helps Conan accomplish what he needs in order to piece things together. Conan has it figured out before the first commercial break, and is even starting to convey what he’s learned (through the usual dart and voice-changing bowtie routine). Then most of the second half is used to uncover the truth.

I ended up being right about who the culprit was when I guessed who it was while watching the previous episode. However, what I hadn’t figured out was the motive. The motive that was revealed made sense. I kind of felt for the culprit, but murder was not the way to deal with the situation.

Overall, this was a decent murder mystery for the Case Closed franchise. The twists in the first episode were interesting, and it kept me wanting to know more. Even though the culprit was easy for me to figure out by the end of the first episode, the motive didn’t become clear until Conan’s explanation.

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