Fruits Basket: Episode 19 – “I’m So Sorry!”

This episode introduces another Soma, one who was referenced when Tohru and the others went to the hot spring. Yes, we were finally introduced to Ritsu Soma, the monkey of the zodiac. It turns out that Ritsu has the same behavior and demeanor as his mother. Yes, I’m spoiling a plot point of the episode, but I think most of my readers have some familiarity with the Fruits Basket franchise already.

Intertwined with this storyline is Shigure’s editor trying to get a manuscript from him that is due that day. The editor and Ritsu have their first run-in right at the beginning of the episode, when Ritsu comes to the house to meet Tohru at the same time the editor is trying to get a hold of Shigure. Shigure, of course, is up to his usual tricks and teasing with his editor. He also teases Ritsu a bit early on in the episode. It doesn’t help that Ritsu dresses up in girls’ clothing because he feels more comfortable that way. This provides some humor when Tohru and the editor both believe that Ritsu is female. Since Tohru doesn’t realize and goes to hug Ritsu, he turns into his monkey form. While we don’t get the hugging gag with the editor (for obvious reasons), the poor lady gets just as flustered as Tohru after learning that Ritsu is male.

For the most part, this episode is a little bit goofier and focuses more on humor. It becomes more serious near the end, especially during the part where Ritsu climbs up on the roof of Shigure’s house and seems as if he may be wanting to jump. Tohru gets up on the roof and has a serious conversation with Ritsu. While Ritsu continues to be as apologetic as ever, he definitely gets something out of Tohru’s words. As we see, there’s things that Ritsu and Shigure’s editor seem to have in common, and by the end of the episode, they seem to be striking up a friendship.

Like I said at the beginning of the last paragraph, this episode was more goofy than normal. But considering how serious some of the recent episodes have been (Uo’s backstory and last week’s episode with Kisa), perhaps a more light-hearted episode was needed at this point.

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