Case Closed: Episode 949 – “The Radio Questions and Concerns Show (Challenge Arc)”

The episode opens with the “shadow person” suspect getting a plan in motion, and making it clear that they believe the police and detectives will never figure out the truth of the crime they’re about to commit. What do they do to get their plot in motion? Send in a card to a radio show that has guests give advice for listeners’ problems.

We then see that Kogoro has been invited as a guest for the show. The producer mentions that it’s been said that Kogoro does his best work after he’s had a drink or two, so he insists that he has something in his green room before the show. Well, Kogoro gets drunk before the show, and says some terrible things in response to the listener’s concern about her upstairs neighbor. Instead of getting mad, the producer just laughs it up in the control room.

We then see who is supposedly the listener and the upstairs neighbor in an argument. Apparently, a CD copy of the show was put into the upstairs neighbor’s mailbox, along with a note.

The next day, the woman who supposedly sent in the question to the radio show is found murdered, and Kogoro is called in as a witness since it appears the show he was a guest on is involved with the case. Conan tags along, and the police are questioning Kogoro and the show’s staff at the radio station. An interesting fact is revealed: the victim is the wife of the producer. The two are separated, and the wife doesn’t believe in divorce. Suddenly, the producer has a motive. And it looks even worse for him after the neighbor has someone who can provide an alibi for her at the time of the murder. And it turns out that the listener who sent in the card wasn’t his wife, but someone else with the same initials. It’s also determined that the producer was the one who put the CD and note into the downstairs neighbor’s mailbox. This only helps to make the producer look even more guilty.

But Conan picks up that two of the staff members hate the producer, so this gives them motives to want to frame the producer. But there’s one other staff member, a female writer who claims she owes her career to the producer. Yet, there’s something bothering me about her, because I notice some minor things going on with her, that raise my suspicions about her.

Throughout the episode, we get the “shadow person” suspect giving commentary about what’s going on, such as “things are going as planned.” Right at the end, the commentary says something along the lines of, “Even if the boy suspects something, it’s too late.” Of course, if you’ve watched this show enough, you know that Conan will figure out the truth and reveal who the culprit really is.

It was interesting to see how this investigation went from seeming like it was going to be easy to figure out what happened to having so many twists and turns, that you have no idea what really happened. I have a few thoughts in my head, and it’ll be interesting to see if my thoughts are anywhere near close to what Conan reveals.

Just a quick note, I will be away from my computer at the time I normally watch Case Closed, so I will be watching the next episode likely two to three days later than usual.

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