Case Closed: Episode 948 – “The Man Crushed by a Dinosaur”

This episode sees Professor Agasa and the Detective Boys watching a show at a dinosaur museum. We see the host of the show, and he helps Ayumi when she falls after getting frightened by the animatronics. But after the show, there’s a loud crash, and it’s discovered that the museum director was crushed below a large dinosaur fossil that had fallen.

Professor Agasa and the kids are there when Megure and Takagi arrive and start interviewing the three key suspects. Megure shoos the kids away, but they find an outside door they can open up and eavesdrop. At the same time, Conan starts noticing clues that appear to have been overlooked by the police.

The way this mystery was set up, there were three suspects, and one (the show host) appears to have a perfect alibi. It’s quickly revealed that the other two suspects have clear motives for wanting to kill the museum director. I don’t know why, but I had this strong feeling that the murderer was somehow the character who seemed to have the perfect alibi. As Conan found clues, it seemed my feeling was being supported.

Since this was a single episode, there was no way for the writers to make this mystery too terribly complicated. However, it seemed to rely a little too much on Conan finding clues that the police missed. One of the clues I could understand, since it was hidden away in an area that didn’t seem to be connected to the case. However, how the other two clues were missed by police, since they were in areas that they went to or were nearby the crime scene, I have no idea.

This was an OK murder mystery, all things considered. Because of its length, it couldn’t be terribly complicated and there was no way to truly “humanize” any of the suspects. But, in the episode, the museum director was portrayed as an incredible jerk. While that doesn’t make murdering him right, he came across as a rather unsympathetic victim.

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