NHK has reported that as of 3:00 p.m. JST on July 26, 2019, the bank account Kyoto Animation opened to accept donations after the deadly fire at the company’s 1st Studio building on July 18, 2019 has raised 620 million yen (about US$5.7 million). The account had raised 274 million yen (about US$2.53 million) from 14,000 sources as of 3:00 p.m. JST on July 25, 2019. The company will give the funds to families of the deceased and injured victims of the fire, as well as for rebuilding.

Kyoto Animation stated on July 23, 2019 that it would post information on its website about other fundraising activities on the studio’s behalf after it confirms them. The company updated information with links to other organizations that are raising funds for the studio, including Animate, T-Point Japan, the Japanese Animation Creators Association, and The Association of Japanese Animations.

Sentai Filmworks’ GoFundMe campaign to help Kyoto Animation and the victims has raised more than US$2 million, and as of this writing has raised US$2,234,760.

The Right Stuf retailer and licensor additionally announced a project on July 25, 2019 where people can donate to Kyoto Animation’s bank account through Right Stuf’s website. Right Stuf said it is collecting the money until August 31, 2019 and then will transfer the funds through a one-time international transfer. Right Stuf stated it will also make a contribution itself, and will cover the cost of the wire transfer.

Source: ANN