Case Closed: Episode 947 – “The Cursed Tears of Borgia (Part Two)”

This episode did a good job of recapping what happened in the previous episode, and it also reminded me of the cliffhanger that ended the first part. Kogoro had gone to meet his drinking buddy, who apparently had information on the case, and Kogoro discovered the building was on fire. After the fire at the Kyoto Animation building this week, this scene was more awkward to watch than it would have been otherwise.

It turns out that Kogoro only had a few minor scratches, but his drinking buddy perished in the fire. But, it’s revealed through forensics that the man wasn’t killed by the fire, because he was already dead when it was set. He was strangled to death.

So now Conan has to try to figure out who killed Kogoro’s drinking buddy, as well as how the woman was killed 40 years ago. Through a conversation with Professor Agasa, it’s revealed that Conan has already figured out who the recent murderer is, so he’s focusing on the 40 year old cold case. But thanks to a preserved copy of the final scene of the drama, and a detail Conan notices in it, he comes up with a theory on what happened 40 years ago.

Thanks to the dart and bowtie trick, Conan is able to reveal the truth about the recent murder through Kogoro. After that’s resolved, Conan uses the bowtie to sound like Agasa to explain the theory of what happened 40 years earlier.

While the theory of what happened 40 years earlier showed that the killer was who I had guessed it was, I however didn’t figure out the real situation behind what happened. So while it was obvious who was guilty in the cold case, the situation behind it was a surprise to me.

Overall, this was an enjoyable two-part episode, although it was a little startling right at first to see the building fire at the beginning of this episode in the wake of the Kyoto Animation fire.

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