Maiden Japan Licenses the Joshiraku Anime

Maiden Japan has announced that it added the slice-of-life comedy series, Joshiraku, to its growing list of titles. Joshiraku is produced by studio J.C.STAFF and directed by Tsutomu Mizushima, with script supervision from Michiko Yokote.

Marii, Kigurumi, Tetora, Gankyou and Kukuru are five young women with completely different interests and personalities, but there’s one thing that they all share: performing Rakugo, a unique form of Japanese comic theatre in which a single artist sits in front of an audience and tells an entire story, portraying multiple characters solely through changes of voice and minimal movements. It’s a challenging art but all five of our leading ladies are determined to become the best they can… and in the meantime, they find themselves hanging out together, both at the Rakugo theater and around town. And they also have a shared acquaintance, a mysterious stranger who’s always wearing a wrestling mask. What’s that about? To find out, pull up a seat and watch as our heroines put on the best show in town in Joshiraku.

Joshiraku‘s spirited and hilarious dialogue is brought to life by a stellar vocal cast, which features Saori Goto as Kukuru Anrakutei, Ayane Sakura as Marii Buratei, Kotori Koiwai as Kigurumi Haroukitei, Nozomi Yamamoto as Tetora Bouhatei and Yoshino Nanjō as Gankyou Kuurubiyuutei.

Joshiraku will be streamed on select digital outlets and released on home video.

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