Anime DVD Review: Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Collection 2

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Collection 2 includes the remaining episodes of the series. The only audio option is the original Japanese with English subtitles.

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Collection 2
English Publisher: Sunrise Inc./Right Stuf
Format: DVD
Release Date: July 5, 2016

While the first half of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ is light-hearted and goofy, there’s a sudden tonal shift that takes place right near the beginning of the set. It’s such a sudden shift from light-hearted to serious that it feels sloppy. Some of the comedic elements from the first half remain, but for the most part, the characters act more serious and the story starts taking on serious and darker tones. But it was laughable how the writers tried to change the villains from being over-the-top and goofy to suddenly being more serious or evil. For Mashymyre, he became “too enhanced,” and for Chara, she was “”rainwashed.”

But the change in characterization wasn’t limited to just the Neo Zeon members. Two of Judau’s friends, Beecha and Mondo, also had inconsistencies in their characterizations. But of the two, Beecha’s constantly changing character was more glaring. He and Mondo didn’t take things seriously and defected to Neo Zeon at one point. When they come back, Beecha seemed to start taking things seriously, but then was back to whining and acting the way he had been prior to defecting. Of the new protagonists, Beecha and Mondo were the weakest and most annoying of them.

Since Judau is the main protagonist, he goes through the “hero’s journey” and sees the most growth and development as a character. Unfortunately, with the sloppy changes in tone and not really caring about the newer characters introduced in this series, it was harder for me to appreciate the growth that Judau goes through.

After I finished watching Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, I concluded that there were some interesting ideas and concepts for this series, but the execution for the series wasn’t terribly good overall. Honestly, I think I would have enjoyed this series more if it had been more serious from the start. Maybe for the first couple of episodes there could have been a more light-hearted tone, but then the story could have become serious much more quickly. As it is, this series ends up being a bit of a mess, which makes it harder to enjoy.

While I won’t say that Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ is necessarily bad, I honestly believe that it’s the weakest of the three Mobile Suit Gundam anime series I have seen.

When it comes to the bonus features on this release, all that’s included is a clean version of the second opening and a clean version of the second closing. Nothing too out of the ordinary here, it’s straight forward.

Like I said at the end of my review for Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Collection 1, this release is something I can only truly recommend to readers who are fans of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise that want to have every series in their home anime video library. For more casual fans of the franchise who aren’t fans of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, they’re not missing out on much by not owning these releases.

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