Fruits Basket: Episode 15 – “I Wouldn’t Say That”

After visiting Tohru’s mother’s grave, Torhu notices that Yuki and Kyo are acting differently but she has no idea why. From the end of the previous episode, the audience has an idea of why they’re acting this way.

But Shigure suddenly enters the scene and declares that they should go to the Soma vacation home for the Golden Week holiday. Hatori accompanies the four of them. We get a comical scene of Shigure saying he decided to make the trip to avoid his editor in order to tease her, but we later learn that Shigure also had a more serious reason for wanting to take the vacation and bring Hattori along: so he won’t be around for his former girlfriend’s wedding. But this fits right in with Shigure’s character.

Meanwhile, Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru are headed to the lake, since Tohru has never been to one before. It’s an awkward trip heading to the lake, and Tohru thinks she somehow did something to offend them during the visit to the grave. But as she’s apologizing, she trips and falls. Yuki and Kyo jump to rescue her, but of course, this causes them to turn into their animal forms. But, turning back into their animal forms seemed to be what needed to be done, because the two of them start acting normally again, especially when it comes to arguing. Tohru starts laughing because this makes her happy, and the two boys say they were acting differently because they weren’t feeling their best. Neither one can admit to Tohru yet what’s bothering them, but at least the awkwardness between these three characters is now gone.

Ayame makes an unexpected arrival at the vacation home the next day, and acts in his usual flamboyant way. Hatori gets Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru to make their trip to the lake this time so Yuki can get away from Ayame. But while the three of them are away, we get a great scene between Shigure, Hatori, and Ayame. It turns out Ayame went to Hana’s wedding and has brought a photo along, but says that Hatori should only look at it if he wants to. This proceeds into a discussion between the three of them about Hatori, Hana, and their relationship. It was nice getting to see the three of them being able to interact together without the younger characters around. It was established that these three were friends going back into high school, and this scene establishes that they’ve truly maintained that friendship all these years.

And we also learn in this episode that Hana is friends with a character we’ve seen before… Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo’s homeroom teacher. Not only that, but the teacher had once dated Shigure when they were younger. We see the teacher looking at a photo of herself and Hana at Hana’s wedding. We never see the photo that Ayame brought, but I wonder if it’s the same one.

While this was more of a character-driven episode rather than a story-driven episode, it was still interesting to watch.

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