Fruits Basket: Episode 14 – “That’s a Secret”

At the beginning of the episode, it’s revealed that the one year anniversary of the death of Tohru’s mother is approaching, and that Tohru is planning to visit her mother’s grave with Uo and Hana. Yuki asks if he can come along, and Shigure tries to pressure Kyo into going.

But before Tohru visits her mother’s grave, she spends time with Momiji while she’s at work. During this scene, Tohru asks Momiji about his family, and we get to learn his backstory. Even though I knew what was coming from both the original anime and reading the manga, the way this reboot depicted Momiji’s backstory still brought me to tears. We learn that Momiji’s mother rejected him because he was possessed by the zodiac, and that she had gotten to a point mentally where she was trying to harm herself. The only way for her to get better was to forget about her son, and a younger Momiji agrees with his father to let this happen. It was heartbreaking to see Momiji overhear his mother talking with Hattori and hearing her refer to him as “that creature.” But through this experience, Momiji has developed a belief that he should never forget any memories, no matter how painful they are.

After he says this, Tohru has a flashback of when she went to the hospital and saw that her mother was dead. Tohru becomes so emotional between hearing Momiji’s story and thinking about her mother’s death, that she hugs Momiji, turning him into his rabbit form. I liked Tohru’s dialogue of agreeing with Momiji’s philosophy after thinking about the painful memory of her mother’s death.

I should mention that the real kicker, right before Tohru hugs Momiji, is that Momiji’s mother and little sister have come to pick up Momiji’s father. Seeing his mother interacting with him and not knowing that this is her son, was heartbreaking. As Momiji explains, she thinks that Momiji is some other kid in the Soma family.

The rest of the episode focuses on Tohru, Uo, Hana, Yuki, and Kyo going to visit Kyoko’s grave. Yuki and Kyo, along with the audience, start learning a little more about Kyoko during this scene. At one point, Kyo goes off by himself, and Hana has a private conversation with him, because she senses confusing waves emanating from him. Even though they were visiting a grave, there were instances of humor interjected into this scene, which helped to balance out the earlier scene with Momiji, which was very dramatic and emotional in nature.

Right at the end of the episode, Yuki sees the cap in Tohru’s room, and is surprised to see it. And the last shot sees Kyo whispering “I’m sorry” into a sleeping Tohru’s ear. Obviously, the title refers to Momiji, but we see that it also applies to Yuki and Kyo as well.

This episode also featured the new opening and closing for Fruits Basket. The opening animation has a focus on the characters walking under umbrellas in the rain. Near the end, it stops raining, and Tohru is happily pulling Yuki and Kyo along. But the main thing I got out of the animation was all the umbrellas that kept showing up. LOL! The new ending animation gives the audience shots of the various Somas that we have met in their animal forms… and this also includes three characters that haven’t been introduced yet. Unfortunately, unlike the first closing, the shots are all static shots that don’t move. But the animal forms look adorable, though.

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