Spring 2019 Anime Season: Week 13

I can’t believe the Spring 2019 anime simulcast season has come to and end. These past 13 weeks seem to have flown by fast!

This will be the last weekly write-up post I will be making. Starting this week, I will be returning to writing individual posts for each show I’m watching during the Summer 2019 anime season. At this point, it looks like I’ll only be watching Fruits Basket and Case Closed for the upcoming season.

But with that out of the way, let’s see what happened in Fruits Basket, Case Closed, and Attack on Titan during the final week of the Spring 2019 simulcast season.

Fruits Basket: Episode 13 – “How Have You Been, My Brother?”

The episode begins with Yuki and Tohru spending time at Yuki’s garden. As Tohru heads back to the house, she finds some clothes on the ground. As she investigates, something suddenly crawls into her clothes. It turns out this is Ayame Soma in his animal form, and that Ayame is Yuki’s older brother. Unfortunately, the brothers are ten years apart and aren’t close at all. It doesn’t help that Yuki is turned off by his older brother’s outrageous personality. But when Ayame whisks Tohru away to be able to have a private lunch with her, she gets to see a side of Ayame that Yuki hasn’t seen. It turns out that Ayame wants to find a way to be closer to his younger brother, but he just doesn’t understand how to do it without being his regular, outrageous self. This provides some comedic scenes, especially when Ayame tells stories from his high school days that the audience gets to see flashbacks for.

But, with all of the comedy of this episode, Ayame hints at something to Tohru about Yuki when he was younger, and how Akito is involved. Ayame says he can’t go into detail about it, which makes sense, since it’s not really his story to tell Tohru. This was one of the few mature things Ayame did in this episode, by the way. But Tohru and the audience now have another hint of something darker being in Yuki’s past.

Overall, this was an amusing episode. Having Ayame in the story now will add another dimension to Yuki’s character, and gives some more opportunity for some comic relief for the series.

Case Closed: Episode 945 – “The Cost of Likes (Part Two)”

This episode opened with just enough of a recap to catch the audience back up on what had happened in the previous episode. Conan and the kids think they know who the culprit is. But when they go back and talk to some of the other actors who work with Kagura, they discover that they didn’t hear a particular phrase from Kagura directly. Instead, they all heard it from Kochimiya, Kagura’s friend.

Conan starts formulating other ideas, and he finally seems to put everything together after the police reveal an important piece of information that was reported to them in regards to the prank phone call that got this case going in the first place. By the midpoint of this episode, it becomes crystal clear to the audience who the culprit is. While I had figured out who the guilty party had to be, there were details and events in this episode that I hadn’t predicted.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad mystery. While I had deduced the guilty party by the end of the first part, there were incidents and other facts that I hadn’t figured out before they were revealed here.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: Episode 10 – “The Other Side of the Wall”

Sooo… this final episode of the season sees Historia deciding to tell the people the truth about what was discovered in the basement. As expected, there’s a wide range of reactions from the public, from belief to laughing it off to deciding it’s a conspiracy theory.

There’s also some raw emotion when it comes time for the funeral for the fallen and a medal ceremony for the scouts. Floch, the only recruit to survive, makes it clear before the ceremony that he thinks Erwin should have been revived instead of Armin. In the end, Armin agrees with him. But before all of that, seeing Jean and Floch talking with Hitch about Marlo was kind of rough. Considering how Hitch had been portrayed previously, seeing her getting emotional was kind of surprising.

During the ceremony, when Eren takes Historia’s hand, he sees his father’s memory of when he approached the Reiss family and told them the truth about being from beyond the walls. This created an awkward moment during the ceremony, but it was nice for the audience to truly find out what happened during that confrontation.

We then get a time skip, and discover that the Titans that were in the walls have all been destroyed. Refugees were finally able to return to their home villages, and the scouts start exploring beyond the wall. They find a Titan that appears to have been trying to crawl toward the walls, but appears to have died in the process. By touching the Titan, Eren discovers this was an Eldian who had been turned into a Titan, and so the scouts decide to leave it alone. Floch, who is still with the scouts, tries to argue about killing it, but they ignore him.

But, thanks to going on this expedition, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin achieve their childhood dream of making it to the sea. The reactions of the scouts to the sea was amusing to see. But right near the end, Eren points out that enemies are at the other end of the sea, and wonders if they’ll truly achieve freedom if they kill all of their enemies. This definitely sets up that another season will have to happen, which is confirmed at the end with the “To be continued…” text that appears after the ending credits. Speaking of the ending credits, there’s a different song, and some interesting footage appears.

From what I’ve seen, it appears the next season of Attack on Titan will be the last, and that it’s scheduled to premiere in Fall 2020. It’s going to be interesting to see how this will all come to an end.

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