Spring 2019 Anime Season: Week 12

Fruits Basket: Episode 12 – “You Look Like You’re Having Fun”

This episode sees Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, Hana, and Uo starting their second year of high school. Momiji and Hatsuharu are now at the school as first years, so we have a couple more Somas that can regularly interact with Tohru and the others. There’s a great scene with the student council president, who confronts Momiji for wearing a girls’ uniform and Hatsuharu because of his hair color. It’s great how Hatsuharu proves that his hair color is natural. LOL!

But this episode is pivotal, because Tohru finally meets Akito in person. While it had been shown in Hatori’s flashback just how cold and cruel Akito could be, we get to see it in real time in this episode when Akito confronts Yuki about skipping out on the New Year’s celebration. This episode also touches on how Yuki suffered psychological abuse as a child, thanks to Akito.

While there are hints of darker things to come, we get a light scene near the end of the episode, where Tohru and the others at the high school play a game of badminton. I thought this was a nice way to end the episode. From the title of the next episode, I know what’s coming… and I can’t wait. 🙂

Case Closed: Episode 944 – “The Cost of Likes (Part One)”

The episode begins with Genta in the hospital, in a room with several other injured people. They were all collateral damage when a bomb threat was phoned into a bank. The crowd inside the bank was so panicked that they pushed nearby pedestrians out of the way. But it turned out that there were no bombs, so the police believe the call was a prank. One of the other patients, Kagura, pushed Genta out of the way and minimized Genta’s injuries. Unfortunately, Kagura suffered a broken arm. Two of Kagura’s friends come to visit him, and one friend takes a picture to share on social media. Earlier, Kagura had been collateral damage in another accident, and his friend got a lot of likes and attention on social media. As Conan and the others talk with Kagura and his friends, another patient named Otsubo is overhearing and glaring in their direction. Conan becomes suspicious of Otsubo, so he asks a nurse at the nurse’s station for his address… and gets it. I don’t know what the laws in Japan are, but in the U.S., because of privacy laws, a hospital wouldn’t have given Conan that information. Sometimes, with Case Closed, you just have to go in with a willing suspension of disbelief.

Anyway, the kids formulate the theory that Kagura was so happy about the money he got from being collateral damage in the first accident that he made the prank call and made sure to be in front of the stampede so he could be collateral damage again. While the other Detective Boys investigate that idea, Conan goes to where Otsubo lives and talks with his neighbor. It turns out Otsubo is also on social media, and is jealous of Kagura’s friend because of all the likes and follows he’s getting. Unfortunately, Conan doesn’t get the chance to talk with Otsubo directly.

Near the end of the episode, Otsubo confronts someone (who is in shadow, in usual Case Closed style), saying he has figured everything out. Unfortunately, Otsubo is murdered before Conan gets a chance to talk with him.

So next week, the kids will need to determine the truth behind the bomb threat, as well as Otsubo’s murder… but they’re pretty sure that both of these events are connected. It’s going to be interesting to see how this is resolved. I have a couple of theories floating around in my head, so I’ll find out next week whether or not I managed to figure anything out before the truth is revealed.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: Episode 9 – “Attack Titan”

This episode finishes off the last bit of Grisha’s backstory. However, unlike the last episode, we also see progress in Eren’s storyline. But through the memories he sees, he learns the name of his Titan, as well as the fact that the Founding Titan serves as a point of origin for memories of Eldians to be transmitted. Well, there’s the explanation for how Eren (who has the Founding Titan) has been seeing his father’s memories over the past couple of episodes. But we also see that Historia is able to tap into this as well when she reads the letter that Ymir wrote her so long ago that Reiner promised to deliver.

Eren also makes the startling realization that the Titan who ate his mother was his father’s first wife, and how being in contact with her (someone of royal blood) allowed him to control the other Titans during that particular melee. He doesn’t want to say anything to anyone, not even to Armin and Mikasa, because of what repercussions it could mean for Historia if the military were to find out.

The last scene was interesting, because we see “the Owl” (the one Grisha got the Founding Titan from) seeing Eren’s memories from the future before passing on the Founding Titan to Grisha. He mentions Armin and Mikasa’s names, and then wonders aloud whose memories he’s seeing. So it appears the memories that the Founding Titan can transmit can even from the future.

Also, the ending credit images were different from what we’ve seen up until now. Instead of seeing Eren and the others in their academy days, it’s all images from the story of Ymir and the battle between the Eldians and the Marleyans. I wonder if these images will be used for the ending credits of next week’s episode.

We’ve still got one more episode to end this season, and I’m curious to see how exactly this season ends. Since I know what’s coming up from reading ahead in the manga, I have an idea of what they’ll probably do, but it’ll be interesting to see whether or not I’m right.

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