Spring 2019 Anime Season: Week 8

This week, there are only write-ups for Fruits Basket and Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2. Once again, there was no new Case Closed episode available for streaming.

Fruits Basket: Episode 8 – “See You When You Get Back”

The focus of this episode is on New Year’s, and the plans the characters have for the holiday. Uo and Hana offer to let Tohru stay with them for the holiday, because Tohru’s grandfather and the rest of the family are going to Hawaii. Tohru declines and says she’ll be OK. She gets permission from Shigure to stay at his house, but is told that the three Somas will be going to the main house for a few days to celebrate the holiday. At first, Yuki and Kyo don’t want to go, because they’re trying to stay away from the main house. But Tohru convinces them to spend time with their families. But in the end, feelings of guilt and a little push from Hana convince Yuki and Kyo to return to the house to spend the holiday with Tohru.

This episode really delves into how Yuki and Kyo have really come to like Torhu, but realize that there’s still things about her that they don’t know, even though she’s lived with them for four months at this point. It also really highlights just how much Tohru can still hide some of her true feelings from them. As we see as Yuki and Kyo rush back into the house, Tohru is sitting with a picture of her mother and has tears welling up in her eyes. She really would have been lonely for this first New Year’s without her mother, but she didn’t want the Somas to miss out on time with their family.

I liked the overall feel and aesthetic of the episode. As I watched it, I thought it really felt like it was taking place at the end of December. While the original anime tried to capture this aesthetic with its animation, I think this reboot captured that sense a lot better. And the scene with the first sunrise of the year was a major highlight.

This episode also sees the first brief appearance of another member of the Soma family, and I suspect that we’ll be seeing his proper introduction in an episode in the not-too-distant future.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: Episode 5 – “Hero”

This week was another intense episode, with focus on the two fronts of the battle. Erwin’s suicide force is focused on first, and just about everyone in it is wiped out by the Beast Titan. There’s a scene where one soldier gets up and realizes that he’s the only one still alive, and it’s heartbreaking to see how dazed and confused he is. His wondering out loud why he’s the only one adds to the emotional impact. But the suicide force’s goal is accomplished, because Levi is able to get in some impressive hits on the Beast Titan. Levi gets the man inside the Beast Titan out, but another Titan snatches him away before Levi can take him into custody. We see Levi stunned at what happens, and I think this is probably the most emotion we’ve seen out of him at this point in the series.

On the other battlefront, Armin realizes something about the Colossal Titan, and comes up with a plan to defeat Bertholdt. While the others distract Reiner, Armin and Eren will take on and defeat Bertholdt by themselves. While Armin accomplishes his goal, it’s at a great cost.

This week’s episode has its double-edged swords: while various goals are reached, there’s a negative to off-set the positive. For Levi, it was the man inside the Beast Titan being taken away from him. For Armin and Eren, well… I can’t really go into that without providing spoilers. All I will say is that something very negative happens here in order to achieve the positive of defeating Bertholdt.

I know what’s coming next from reading the manga, and I believe we’re soon going to hit the scene that was the after credits teaser at the end of the first half of Attack on Titan Season 3. The only thing I will add is that: things are just going to keep getting more interesting from here.

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