Spring 2019 Anime Season: Week 5

Fruits Basket: Episode 5 – “I’ve Been Fooling Myself”

This was an emotional episode of Fruits Basket, and Tohru was the main emphasis. She gets a call from her grandfather, saying that the house renovations are at a point where they can live in it again. Tohru realizes that while this was always supposed to be the case, this was coming much sooner than she anticipated. She also comes to realize how much she enjoys being with Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure. Unfortunately, she feels she has to be with her biological family and isn’t allowing herself to even think of staying with the Somas. When she leaves, she makes sure that the Somas have her grandfather’s address, just in case.

We see Tohru going back to the house, where her grandfather has been joined by some of their other relatives. Tohru’s grandfather is a cool guy, but the rest of the family is a real piece of work. Honestly, the male relative (who I think is one of her cousins) is a real creeper. But it turns out that Yuki and Kyo are concerned about Tohru, and use the address she left behind to look for her. They come upon the house as a conversation takes place, and overhear her say that she wants to go back home… to the Somas. Yuki and Kyo barge in, and in the end, Tohru returns to the Somas.

This episode also shows us where the title of Fruits Basket comes from through a flashback that Tohru has. We also get to see a flashback of a younger Tohru with her mother. I love how this series utilizes Kyoko from flashbacks and through Tohru remembering things that her mother said to her (and seeing how these sayings fit with things that other characters are saying).

From the title of the next episode, I’m pretty sure I know what’s coming. And if I’m right, it’s going to provide some much needed comic relief after the seriousness and emotions of this episode.

Case Closed: Episode 939 – “The Dangerous Fossil Finding Trip”

This story sees the owner of a fossil museum and the mayor of a town behind a hoax about the origin of a rare fossil, with the mayor using this hoax as a way to rebrand the city. A journalist is suspicious of their claim, and comes to interview them about it. At the same time, Agasa and the Detective Boys are at the fossil museum for a tour. The fossil museum owner is murdered, and it’s up to Conan and the others to try to solve the crime. While a police detective shows up, it’s not Megure. Instead, it’s the idiotic and cocky one who shows up every now and then (I can never remember his name). This particular police detective almost makes Kogoro look like a genius. LOL!

It was pretty obvious who the culprit was, so the main mystery for the audience was how the victim was killed. But even then, there was one visual clue that made part of how the murder happened obvious to figure out. It was some of the more minor details that Conan needed to reveal in order to finish solving the case. Stories like this one are a little frustrating to me, because I enjoy having the challenge of trying to figure out the who and the how before they’re revealed. Oh well. Perhaps the next mystery will take a little more effort for the audience to figure out the truth of what happened.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: Episode 2 – “Thunder Spears”

The main part of this story is a battle between Eren and Reiner in their Titan forms. There’s also a second storyline of some of the Scouts trying to protect the horses, since it’s obvious to Erwin early on that the Titans’ plan is to kill their horses and prevent them from leaving. Erwin also has a flashback in this episode that helps to show his mindset at this stage of the story.

The fight against Eren and Reiner is pretty intense, and it ties in with the title of the episode. “Thunder Spears” refers to a new weapon designed to take on the Armored Titan, since conventional weapons don’t work on him. While the weapon is used right at the end of the episode, the audience won’t see how or if this was effective until the next episode.

Even with Erwin’s flashback, this episode still moved at a good pace because the action outweighed any slowness caused by the flashback. In fact, the flashback provided a chance for the audience to catch its breath during a more action heavy episode. The pacing was just right in this episode, and the ending makes the audience want to come back for more.

It’s hard for me to go into too much more right now, since I know what’s going to happen from reading this part of the story in the manga. But it’s going to be interesting to see where the anime decides to pause the story when these 10 episodes end.

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