Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Episode 26 – “Earth, Yamato Is…”

The episode is set six months after the end of the battle with the Gatlanteans. The crew of the Yamato gathers at Okita’s memorial statue, and it’s shown that a new screen has been added beneath it to show those who passed away during the battle, which includes Kodai, Yuki, Yamamoto, and Kato.

But then something strange happens… the Yamato returns in the time fault, and Yamamoto is on board and still alive. She relays what happened and why Kodai and Yuki didn’t return with her. While it’s determined that it’s possible to rescue Kodai and Yuki, and a plan is come up with to do just that, some of the military hardliners are against it because it means that the time fault that the military has come to rely on so much would be destroyed in the process. Sigh. Even after what happened in the final battles with the Gatlanteans, the warmongers didn’t come to realize the folly of relying so heavily on the time fault.

It’s decided to put this up to a vote of the people, with both sides presenting their arguments to the public.

Meanwhile, we see Kodai and Yuki in the higher dimension that Teresa led them and the Yamato to in order to bring an end to the fight with the Gatlanteans. Kodai is wracked with doubt about the future, because of how he ended up betraying his beliefs in order to save the Earth. I thought it was interesting to hear the voices of some of those who died in that final battle talking with both Kodai and Yuki.

I don’t want to spoil how the episode ends, but I will say that I liked how it ended. And now knowing that another Yamato film has been green-lit, it makes sense that this story ended in the way that it did. Of course, it’s going to be a while before the next film comes out, but I’m looking forward to seeing what the next story will be told ends up being.

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