Spring 2019 Anime Season: Week 4

Fruits Basket: Episode 4 – “What Year Is She?”

This episode introduces the audience to Kagura Soma, and she’s the first female of the clan to be introduced. Like Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo, she also has the Soma curse. The animal she changes into isn’t revealed until the end of the episode, but her behavior and attitude give a hint as to which one she is. When we first meet Kagura, she comes across as shy and demure, but once she sees Kyo, she suddenly turns violent. We learn that she’s in love with Kyo and has been since they were young. Unfortunately, her “love” is more possessive than anything else. At first, Kagura sees Tohru as a rival for Kyo’s affection, but there’s a great scene later in the episode between these two characters which helps the girls to form a bond of friendship. Tohru also starts getting a little closer to Kyo after having a conversation with him on the roof of Shigure’s house. It’s kind of adorable to see Kyo act like an excited little kid when he talks about how much he likes martial arts. But I do feel sorry for Shigure, because of how often his house ends up getting damaged in this episode.

Speaking of Shigure, I like how his depiction in this reboot shows that there’s more to him than just a comic relief lecher. This depiction is much truer to his depiction in the original manga. Yes, he can have some lecherous tendencies, but he also provides a voice of reason for Tohru and the younger Somas. I love just how much more rounded of a character he is here.

Case Closed: Episode 938 – “The Killer Fist of Talos (Part Two)”

After a semi-lengthy recap, since a lot had to be explained again to get the audience up to speed, the mystery continues. It became pretty clear by the end of the first half of the episode that the person most likely to have committed the crime was the one responsible. Although what happened wasn’t the guilty party’s intention… they were intending for something else to happen. Sigh. In the end, the most likely culprit was the guilty party, and the twist of the crime not being committed quite how they wanted wasn’t enough of a twist to make up for the disappointment of being able to easily guess the culprit and their motive.

Oh well. Hopefully the next mystery will be a lot harder to guess the truth behind it.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: Episode 1 – “The Town Where Everything Began”

The episode opens with a roughly minute-and-a-half recap to remind viewers of the premise of the series, and ending with Erwin and his troops heading out on a mission to retake Wall Maria.

As Eren and his group travel along, Eren starts having doubts about whether or not he can succeed in his mission. Luckily, he has Mikasa and Armin to help calm him down. As part of this, there are a couple of flashbacks of previous scenes from the series. I really hope this episode doesn’t end up relying on flashbacks and not progressing the plot. Yes, the flashbacks do help the audience remember some of these scenes from earlier in the series and provides a refresher, but I hope the whole episode isn’t made up of this.

Hooray! Right after this scene, Erwin and his troops launch their mission at Wall Maria. At first, it seems to be going pretty smoothly, but Armin finds evidence that certain parties somehow had advance notice of their pending arrival. With what information Armin has gleaned, as well as his proven track record for using his brain, Armin is given the opportunity to command a group of scouts to try to find the enemy. Poor Armin. He’s not used to being in command, and it shows. Fortunately, he has an eager crew under his command! But seeing Armin being uncomfortable at giving orders was kind of amusing. At one point, Armin starts freaking out because Eren is coming to plug the inner wall and they haven’t seen any sign of the enemy. But then, he uses his brain and realizes something… and this causes Erwin to halt the mission.

Thanks to Armin’s hunch, they find something… and it’s Reiner! Reiner transforms into a Titan, and then his backup arrives. Yikes, what an arrival! Oh, boy, it’s the Beast Titan and his cronies!

At first, this episode seemed like it was going to be slow in the way of pacing, but the action picked up pretty quickly and became intense. I admit that with the title of this episode, I was almost afraid that it was going to basically be one that focused on using recaps to remind the audience of various things before launching the mission at Wall Maria. I’m glad to see that I was wrong about this.

And the stage is now set for a major fight between the Titans and humanity. Who will prevail? While I know what’s going to happen from reading the manga, but anime only viewers will have to wait and find out what happens next.

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