The 2019 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards panel of judges has announced its nominees for the best works in the comic book industry.

Junji Ito’s “Frankenstein” story in the Frankeinstein: Junji Ito Story Collection is nominated in the “Best Adaptation from Another Medium” category. Additionally, Dark Horse’s release of Yoshitaka Amano: The Illustrated Biography—Beyond the Fantasy by Forent Gorges (translated by Laure Dupont and Annie Gullion) is nominated in the “Best Comics-Related Book” category.

Four manga titles are vying for the Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Asia award (the fifth nominee is Nie Jun’s My Beijing: Four Stories of Everyday Wonder):

  • Abara: Complete Deluxe Edition by Tsutomu Nihei
  • Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction by Inio Asano
  • Laid-Back Camp by Afro
  • Tokyo Tarareba Girls by Akiko Higashimura

Voting is open to all comic book industry professionals until June 14, 2019. The results in all categories will be announced in a gala awards ceremony on the evening of July 19, 2019 at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

This year Akira Toriyama and Naoki Urasawa are among the 16 people nominated for the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame. The previous Japanese inductees of the Eisner Hall of Fame were Osamu Tezuka (2002), Kazuo Koike (2004), Goseki Kojima (2004), Katsuhiro Otomo (2012), and Rumiko Takahashi (2018).

Source: ANN