Maiden Japan has announced that it has licensed the This Art Club Has a Problem! anime for streaming and home video release.

The story is described as:

A totally ordinary art club at the totally ordinary Tsukimori Middle School. There, Subaru Uchimaki squanders his artistic talent on his true passion and life’s mission: drawing the ideal “2D wife.” Club member Mizuki Usami finds herself with a crush on the hopeless Uchimaki. The seemingly uninterested club president is always sleeping, but he keeps a close eye on Uchimaki and Usami’s antics. Then there’s the mysterious Colette, who’s usually lost in her own little world. When this ragtag bunch gathers together as the Art Club, there’s sure to be some problems.

This Art Club Has a Problem! anime premiered in 2016, and Crunchyroll simulcast it as it aired.

Source: ANN