Spring 2019 Anime Season: Week 3

Fruits Basket: Episode 3 – “Let’s Play Rich Man-Poor Man”

This episode focuses on Tohru as she gets to know both Yuki and Kyo, although she gets more screen time with Yuki in this episode. Here, we see her in the middle of the animosity that Yuki and Kyo have, and Tohru trying to figure out why they have this dynamic. As she herself says in the episode, it’s more than just the fact that in the zodiac story presented in the series, that the rat tricked the cat about the banquet. She does seem to have a good idea about this by the end of the episode, though. This episode also includes the infamous scene of Tohru, Kyo, and the rice balls. This episode also gives the episode a brief glimpse of two characters who will become important as the story continues (I don’t want to say who they are in order to not provide spoilers for readers who are not familiar with either the Fruits Basket manga or the first version of the anime. Oh, and is it just me, or is Yuki’s rat form extremely adorable in this reboot?

It’s interesting to note that a couple of the scenes in this episode actually took place a little later in the original manga. Knowing that Natsuki Takaya had a direct hand in this new anime of Fruits Basket, all I can figure is that she must have felt that the narrative flowed a little better by moving these particular scenes up.

Case Closed: Episode 937 – “The Killer Fist of Talos (Part One)”

The episode sees Dr. Agasa going to a studio that designs various models and toys, and he brings the Detective Boys and Ran along so they can get a personal tour while he meets with the company’s president. From the get-go, the audience gets the sense that things aren’t going well for the studio. While the president’s daughter is showing the kids some of the models they’ve developed, she shows them Talos (a large model that isn’t entirely finished yet). The business manager arrives and makes an off-hand comment about how this figure will never be finished. The daughter and business manager take the kids to see the designer of the model. While the kids admire items in the room, the daughter, business manager, and designer have a conversation outside, which Conan overhears.

Meanwhile, Dr. Agasa is meeting with the company president. Is it just me, or does the president of this studio look an awful lot like Dr. Boynton from Astro Boy? LOL! The daughter requested Agasa’s help to design a part for Talos as cheaply as possible, but the president won’t accept his plan. The designer overhears the conversation, which ends with the president blaming the designer’s father for putting his company in the red for years. The designer is visibly upset, so of course, this is going to lead to him being accused of whatever crime is going to take place.

While the kids are eating a meal, the business manager and daughter talk amongst themselves about the future of the company. It turns out that there is a potential buyer for the company… which happens to be Sonoko’s family.

The security guards notice a door with a broken knob, and later, Genta discovers the same door. He decides to grab various items in order to block the door and keep people from getting in. Oh, Genta. In this episode, he’s been doing several ridiculous things and being a bit of a nuisance.

After this, Ai has a conversation with Dr. Agasa and learns that the president is trying to sell the company. This is followed very quickly by events unfolding in quick succession. As part of this, we learn that the president is talking with an overseas company called Franklin Planning, but that Hanyu (the business manager) is talking to other companies because negotiations are taking so long.

As Dr. Agasa and the Detective Boys are about to leave, they see lights go down and hear a scream. Right at the end of the episode, Hanyu is discovered in the dome where Talos is housed… and he’s obviously injured. While we don’t know his condition, I get the feeling that’s he’s probably dead due to the title of this two-part episode. It’s going to be interesting to see how this goes next time. The designer is the obvious suspect, but it just seems too obvious to me. I hope there’s going to be some kind of twist in here in order to make the resolution of the case a little less predictable.

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