Spring 2019 Anime Season: Week 2

Fruits Basket: Episode 2 – “They’re All Animals”

This episode has a strong focus on Kyo and how he interacts with Tohru. We also learn about the existence of Akito, the head of the Soma family. While those who have learned the Soma’s secret in the past have had their memories altered, Akito has decided to leave Tohru alone. She’s allowed to stay at Shigure’s house, as long as she promises to keep their secret. The interactions between the characters in this episode are excellent, and we get to see a snarkier side to Yuki, especially in regards to Kyo. And now that Shigure has tricked Kyo into taking the transfer exam for Yuki and Tohru’s high school, we’ll be seeing more of Yuki’s snarky side.

Kyo’s transition into staying at Shigure’s house and going to Yuki and Tohru’s school is awkward, but it will provide potential for character growth. It’s so hard not to include spoilers, since I know what’s coming, but I know I have to in order for readers who aren’t already familiar with the original to be able to be surprised by what they see. I’m so looking forward to seeing the cast of characters grow over the coming weeks because they’re going to add so much more to this story.

Case Closed: Episode 936 – “Intrigue at the Food Court”

Oh, no. It’s bad enough that this is an episode featuring the Detective Boys, but Conan isn’t even in this episode. Sooo… Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko are going to try to solve a case on their own. And since the setup has them overhearing part of a conversation, it looks like the case is going to stem from a misunderstanding. OK, having each of them seeing a “ghostly” version of Conan that is giving each of them advice is just… oh, Lord. This cheat to have Conan in the episode is just ridiculous. And why is the episode title referring to a food court when the story is taking place at a farmer’s market?

Oh, well… it actually wasn’t a misunderstanding, even though the three people at the food truck made their story seem so convincing. But it appears something they said to the kids (which they passed on to Sato and Takagi) heightened the police’s interest and suspicions. I should have expected this twist, I guess, but I hadn’t. Megure had a great line right at the end: “The Detective Boys actually did a good job this time.” LOL! But ultimately, I was left wondering, “I waited two weeks for this series to continue, and this is what I got?” Sigh. Hopefully the next episode will be better.

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