Katsuhiro Otomo to Draw New Kibun wa mō Sensō One-Shot After 38 Years

This year’s eighth issue of Futabasha’s Manga Action magazine has announced that Katsuhiro Otomo and Toshihiko Yahagi will publish a one-shot manga sequel to their Kibun wa mō Sensō (The Mood is Already That of War) manga after 38 years. The “Kibun wa mō Sensō 3 (Datta kamo Shirenai)” (The Mood is Already That of War 3 (Or it May Have Been)) one-shot will debut in the magazine’s next issue on April 16, 2019. The current issue published a “digest version” of the original Kibun wa mō Sensō manga.

The original manga is a collection of 13 short stories that focus on a fictional war that erupts in the border between China and the Soviet Union. Two Japanese men nicknamed Hachimaki and Megane, as well as a Chinese man known as Bōi sign up for the volunteer service and experience the war firsthand.

Otomo and Yahagi published the stories in Manga Action from 1980 to 1981, with Otomo drawing the art and Yahagi writing the story. Futabasha compiled the short manga into one volume in 1982.

Source: ANN

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