Kud Wafter Anime Delayed by One Year With Director Change

Visual Art’s and its Key brand have announced that they are delaying shipments for the crowdfunded anime of the Little Busters! spin-off visual novel Kud Wafter from September 2019 to September 2020. They are also replacing Yoshiki Yamakawa with Kentarō Suzuki as the project’s director. Visual Art’s explained that the number of anime productions has increased recently, so it has been difficult to line up the schedules of the studios and staff members. After consulting with J.C. Staff, Visual Art’s changed the anime’s schedule to ensure the production quality.

The anime is planned as the first part of a celebration to mark the 10th anniversary of the release of Visual Art’s’ Little Busters! PC software. J.C. Staff will animate the project, and Key will have complete supervision over the anime.

The Japanese crowdfunding campaign launched on July 19, 2017 and ended successfully in September 2017. The campaign reached its initial goal in three days and its first stretch goal in six days. The campaign was initially seeking to raise 30 million yen (about US$267,500) to fund a 20-minute original video anime (OVA). The campaign eventually reached its 60 million yen (about US$535,000) stretch goal to fund a theatrical anime four days before the campaign ended. Tokyo Otaku Mode then ran an international crowdfunding campaign for English subtitling and worldwide distribution.

Source: ANN

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