Case Closed: Episode 935 – “The Fortune Teller and the Three Customers”

This episode establishes the murder of a fortune teller right at the beginning, and Kogoro is quickly brought into the story because he had supposedly called her the night before. Kogoro arrives to the scene, with Conan tagging along, and it’s determined that someone posing as Kogoro was the one who made the call.

When a document on her laptop computer calls out three clients who had a grudge against the fortune teller, and when items belonging to all three clients are found in connection to the murder, they are brought in as possible suspects. For a while, it appears that there’s a mystery culprit trying to frame the other three, and Conan tries to determine whether this is really the case or if the suspect is actually one of the three clients.

For this particular mystery, it was pretty easy to determine who the real culprit was, so the revelation was rather anti-climactic. This murder mystery was trying to add twists, but in the end, it was a too-easy mystery to solve. After watching the episode, I would have to say that while it isn’t bad, it’s just average for Case Closed.

For me, the real mystery is the fact that after the episode ended, there was no preview for the next episode, no “Next Conan’s Hint,” and no little funny bit of dialogue right after the hint. Does this mean that there won’t be a Case Closed episode next week?

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